Microsoft Surface Tablet Release Date, Price, Specs and Features

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With Microsoft Surface Tablet Release Date approaching lot of user are looking for upcoming Surface Tablet Price, Specs and Features.

Microsoft being majorly known for its software dominance in PC operating system business; it will not be a surprise to hear that its new Surface Tablet would act as its flagship device. Microsoft Surface tablet is mainly aimed at competing directly with the Apple iPad and the latest Android tablets.

Microsoft Surface Tablet's low profile advertising campaign is mainly geared at ensuring people keep on speculating about its new Surface Tablet Specs and features. This is mainly aimed at positioning the Windows Surface Tablet as a revolutionary product.

Microsoft Surface Tablet Release Date

Just like Smartphones the hype of tablets is also on a high especially with Microsoft announcing that its new Surface Table will hit the market on October 26, 2012.

Microsoft Surface Tablet Release Date, Price, Specs and Features

Microsoft Surface Tablet Price

Rumours have also been circulating about new Microsoft Surface Tablet Pricing and it is thought that the new Microsoft surface tablet cost will offer the Apple iPad competition in terms pricing. For those who prefer the Microsoft Surface Pro option then they will essentially need to part way with $800 while the Microsoft Windows RT based model is thought to cost $600.

Microsoft Surface Tablet Specs and Features

When the new tablet rolls into the market it will mainly run on Microsoft Windows 8 operating system and would be able to go online by the use of the short range Wi-Fi connection.

Surface Tablet Display, Size and Looks
The tablet will stand at 9.3mm in thinness and will feature a 10.6HD display. Its weight will also range from 676g and 903g depending on the one that you prefer, be it either windows RT option or the pro version. The surface edges of the new Microsoft tablet will also be beveled at an angle of 22 degrees thus complementing its thin appearance. Its surface will also come with full magnesium cases that will it lighter and highly rigid.

Surface Tablet Windows RT version
Windows RT surface tablet will come with a clear 10.6inch clear type HD display with a 16:9 aspect for utmost clarity and vividness. A corning Gorilla Glass 2 technology will also be in the offing. This version of the windows tablet will also incorporate a 31.5 W-h battery.

Surface Tablet Pro Windows 8 version
The surface windows 8 pro will essentially come with an Intel core ivy bridge processor with an energized 42 W-h battery to guarantee long life. Microsoft does claim that the batteries would be able to guarantee between 8-13 hours of HD video playback. Windows surface tablet pro will also have a 3rd generation Intel core i5 CPU that will beneficial in running desktop apps while also having full HD (1080) graphics.

Surface Tablet Touch Covers and Unique Keyboard
The surface tablet will essentially come with five touch covers with a keyboard that has highly unique pads to provide that brilliant typing experience thanks to its touch based surface. Its keyboard will also be quite unique as compared to the other tablet in that you could be able to rest your arms on top of the keys something you can’t do with other onscreen keyboards. This is mainly facilitated by it coming with an algorithm that helps in determining if you wanted to press the keys or not.

Microsoft Surface Tablet Built-in Stand
The Microsoft tablet will also incorporate an in built stand that would essentially be 0.7mm and made of the VaporMG material.

Microsoft Surface Cameras
Rear and front cameras will also be available in the new Microsoft tablet. The front camera is essentially designed for chart lovers as it will be perfect for video chatting through things like Skype. With the rear camera you would be able to capture perfect clear images and video clips.

Microsoft Surface Memory
Microsoft Surface Tablet will also come in a wide variety of memory capacity ranging from 32-64-128GB. Something worth noting is that the 128GB will only be available on the surface pro tablet. The Microsoft table memory would also be increased using the microSD slot thus guaranteeing maximum space for music software’s and videos.
Microsoft Surface Tablet Release Date, Price, Specs and Features
The release of this glamorous tablet is mainly geared for the festive season during the close year as it is considered as the tablet of the future.
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  1. I feel as though 600 wont be the price for the RT version. Not only does it not seem worth it, but it's not actually competitive. 400, sure. 500 maybe. 600... that's just pushing it.

    I guess either way, I will be buying it... but for the consumers that are not Microsoft fanatics, we best hope the price is 400.

  2. Surface Tablet Price starts at $499 for an entry-level 32GB version with integrated touch-sensitive keyboard but without Touch Cover. Microsoft Surface Tablet cost with cover is $599 for 32GB and $699 for 64GB.

    Microsoft Surface Tablet Prcing is in line with the competitor RT devices, notebooks and ultrabooks out there including Apple iPad 2 Prcing, which ranges from $499 to $699 for the Wi-Fi-only versions.

    Surface tablet touch cover will cost $119.99 additional when added as an accessory and the type cover with hardware keys will cost $129.99


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