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iTechWhiz is a small but responsible team with big dreams, which despite limited resources, is strongly committed to serving its viewership with valuable quality contents on regular basis.

iTechWhiz.com was launched in 2011 as an infotainment Science and Technology Blog. Since then, its has been covering a broad range of topics from Scientific Researches, Technology News, Technology Product Reviews, Future Technology Applications, Tablets and Smartphones, Computer and Internet, Healthcare Information Technology, Technology for Education, Upcoming Phones and Gadgets, Video Gaming Consoles, Video Games and Sci-Fi Movies, Latest Cars in The World; to Technology Events and Expos.

iTechWhiz exclusive covers every iDevice from Apple, be it iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini, iPod Touch, iPod Nano or upcoming iWatch and iGlasses. We are fans of innovation, exquisite quality and elegant look and feel found in Apple products. But at the same time, we are not iFanatics. That's why we provide a fairly equal coverage to Samsung devices, which are rapidly improving and emerging as gadgets of choice, all over the world.

Meets our team of contributors from diverse academic, professional and social backgrounds under the editorship of Mr. Adnan Malik:

Blog Author Adnan MalikEditor-in-Chief, Founder
Adnan Malik is a seasoned Blogger and Information Technology Expert, working for CureMD Corporation, one of the top Healthcare IT Solution Provider in United States. With a background in Software Engineering and Mobile Communication, he writes about Softwares, Operating Systems, and Future Technologies. He love to walk chalk or talk opportunities of knowledge sharing and can be followed at Facebook, Google+, Twitter or editor[@]itechwhiz[.]com

Blog Author Farhan MalikSenior Editor, Manager Operations
Farhan Malik manages all the operational, administrative and financial operations of this website alongside his personal Medical Billing blog. With background in Commerce, Finance, Medical Billing and Coding, he is also a Certified Search Engine Optimization Engineer. In his writings, he generally covers topics related to Smartphones, Computers, Internet, Product Reviews, Healthcare Applications. He can be followed at Google+ or contacted as admin[@]itechwhiz[.]com

Blog Author Esther MoraaSenior Writer, Product Reviewer
Esther Moraa is our gold star contributor and co-author for all the blogs under our network. Originated from Nakuru, the provincial capital of Kenya's Rift Valley, she has an excellent international writing portfolio. She has been helping our editorial team with a variety of articles and piece of writings. Our readers have been enjoying her articles about smartphones, tablets, games, gadgets, internet and other technology related news and events.

Blog Author Freila VillarubiaBlogger, Writer, Reporter
Freila Villarubia is a passionate blogger, writer and reporter with an avid interest in technology industry updates. Grown in Cagayan De Oro, in the north-southern Philippines, she has an excellent international writing portfolio. She has been contributing to our team with her excellent reports, articles, and writings. She has been covering new products and services from Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Sony, HTC, LG and other companies.

Our team keeps an eye on every significant upcoming technology, gadget, game and event that is of potential interest and benefit for our readers. We then put an enormous effort to hunt down all the details and present as much information as possible about that technology, device, game or event. We also regularly update our readers as soon as there is some new information or update available on the topic.

We love to maintain a healthy, positive and constructive relationship with our beloved readers. For the reason, we encourage our readers to share relevant comments, corrections, questions and suggestions on the topic through comment box facility made available under every post.

For further information, queries, questions or concerns about us and our presence, please check our online Policies or fee free to Contact us directly.
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