Samsung ATIV Q Release date and Price in USA

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Samsung ATIV Q tablet is arguably the device that will solve the conundrum between Windows 9 and Android 5.

Samsung ATIV Q hybrid laptop will also come with the capability of being able to transform from a laptop to a tablet instantly, by smooth sliding.

Samsung ATIV Q hybrid tablet notebook with windows + android operating systems will give users something to chew about as they will be able to switch between Android and Windows operating system, whenever they feel like at a touch of a button.

This Android to Windows dual operating system feature alone makes Ativ-Q one of a kind device that has never been seen before with these two major capabilities.

Samsung ATIV Q Release date and Price in USA
Samsung claims that ATIV Q will serve as one of the sleekest and slimmest convertibles you will ever get in the market that also solves the problem of apps availability by offering more than 800,000 apps which can still be used in Microsoft Windows 8.

Samsung ATIV Q Release Date in US and Availability

Samsung ATIV Q was announced at a London event in June 2013 followed by demonstration of a pre-production unit at a Samsung Canada media event.

Samsung ATIV Q release date was initially scheduled for August 2013. But there are news reports that it is delayed due to infringes of patents related to running two operating systems on the same device. The issue is serious to that extent that Samsung is weighting options including shelving the device. That might explain why the Samsung ATIV Q is nowhere found on the ATIV branded products.

Samsung officials confirmed the ATIV Q delay without explaining any reason, yet admitting that the device will not be shipping in 2013. An inside source has revealed to us, that Samsung has not cancelled the device at all but ATIV Q have been holded back for a complete redesign to avoid patent infringements, before being launched in September 2014. We shall keep you update about Samsung ATIV Q availability and pre-order as it happens.

Samsung ATIV Q Price in USA

The Samsung ATIV Q pricing tag goes around $1500, which means Samsung ATIV Q cost is huge for the specifications it offers.

Samsung ATIV Q Specs Review

Samsung ATIV Q specs gives and idea of a perfect device mostly made from magnesium materials, is admirably thin at 13.9 mm, and seems pretty exquisite built. Its screen slides and tilts up to reveal the keyboard, but it then can also be flipped over to face the other way, kind of like a cross between the convertible designs of the Sony Duo 13 and Acer Aspire R7. Lets have a complete Samsung ATIV Q review of specifications and features below:
  • Samsung ATIV Q Design
    It stands at a weight of 1.29kg which makes it a bit heavy and little hard to hold. Its screen is able to slide and tilt for user to be able to see the keyboard. ATIV Q comes with the much publicized Samsun PLS panel that is able to offer excellent viewing angles. It also does come with a sensitive S-pen , this is especially useful when operating the device as a tablet.

    Samsung ATIV Q Specs and Features
  • Samsung ATIV Q Display
    Samsung ATIV Q 13.3-inches screen size and impressive design makes it feel equally good as laptop and tablet. Samsung ATIV Q tablet offers a high screen resolution for clarity at QHD 3200x1800 that translates to 275ppi.

  • Samsung ATIV Q Processor
    Samsung ATIV Q roles into the market with a Haswell-based Intel 1.6GHz Intel Core i5 4500U processor, processor perfect for reliable speeds when multitasking. The Processor is especially useful as a battery life saver as compared to the previous versions.

  • Samsung ATIV Q RAM
    ATIV Q packs a 4GB RAM perfect for multitasking able to guarantee good speeds and workability when playing games, be it in the tablet or laptop mode. The 4GB RAM chip also comes with Intel HD Graphics 4400 chip to take the gaming experience to another new level.

  • Samsung ATIV Q 256GB Storage
    ATIV Q has gone the extra mile to pack the highest capacity of 256GB SSD storage, perfect for storing videos music and movies. It also comes with a microSD slot that will allow users to expand the storage capacity whenever need arises.

  • Samsung ATIV Q Battery
    Samsung Galaxy ATIV Q has been designed to offer up to 12 hours of battery life on normal use. This is a pretty standard battery life as compared to Apples Mac Book Air.

  • Windows Android Dual Boot Switching
    The most important question is how can you switch between Android and windows while running Windows Android Dual boot system of ATIV-Q device? The answer is simple as you will only need to switch back to Windows from Android by simply pressing the Windows button stuck at the button of the display. There is also a special dedicated icon for doing the reverse of switching from Windows to Android.

    Samsung ATIV Q Windows Android Dual Boot Switching

  • Direct Apps Switching
    There is nothing to worry on the compatibility of Apps when using two different apps (Android and Windows). The device has been built in such a way that it is easy to pin Android Apps to the start screen of windows. There is also no lag while using apps due to two OS on one device. ATIV Q offers a full access to Google play store on Android.
For some, new Samsung ATIV Q is the dream device coming to change our life, by the fact that it runs on the two most powerful and exciting Operating software in the name of Windows 9 and Android 5.0. This essentially gives one the chance to choose a desirable OS depending on operation to be carried out. For others its just a costly convertible tablet like ASUS Eee Pad transformer tablets with nothing special.
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