Xbox One 2013 Specs and Features of next generation Xbox1

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Microsoft new Xbox One Specs and Features of the new gaming console, including Kinect 2.0, coming out in November 2013.

Microsoft next generation gaming console is just round the corner with a plethora of speculations, rumors and news about the upcoming Xbox One features, the new console is coming out with.

After Nintendo Wii U in 2012, Sony PlayStation 4 has also been announced, coming out in 2013.

Microsoft Xbox One console is also going to join the next generation video games console parade, where all the indications are clearly pointing towards the festive season of Christmas, as the likelihood for the Xbox One Release Dates.

Xbox One 2013 Specs and Features of new console

The Xbox One specs of the new Game Console, includes almost similar hardware specifications like the already announced Sony PS4.

Xbox One Specs and Features 2013

Lets discuss, what can we expect of Xbox One? Let’s break down the cold and the hard facts of this must have Xbox One console of 2013:
  1. Xbox One Graphics Processor

    According to the rumor mill it is highly certain that Xbox One will use AMD graphics hardware VG247, multiple sources claim that Xbox One will feature two GPUS's in tandem. Dual graphic chips have also been speculated as this will allow the console to have greater power efficiency with less noise during play. Its display will be one of a kind able to produce 1080p and 60frames per second while also able to handle 3D overheads.

    Sony PS4 Graphics Processor is bespoke AMD chip from the family of a Radeon 7850 card with 18 GCN processing clusters, each with 64 cores. Checked out a detail comparison of Xbox One vs PS4.

  2. New Xbox One CPU

    New Xbox One CPU will be a 1.6GHz AMD Jaguar-based processor chip, possibly quite similar to that of the PS4, possibly identical in every way. That would certainly be a boost for game developers as it would make cross-platform development much easier than it is currently with Xbox 360 and PS3.

  3. Xbox One Controller

    It is highly thought that the next version of gaming controls will be highly incorporated in Xbox One as this will solidify this gaming console as a console built along motion detection. The console is sure to keep the control pad as it is widely popular among the PC gamers. Other rumors also suggest that Xbox One controller will feature programmable buttons.

  4. Xbox One Kinect 2.0 Integrated

    This is another feature that Microsoft has done a lot to merge in Xbox One. The best thing about Kinect 2.0 is that it is able to track up to four players and able to read the smallest movements of the fingers. This is made possible by the development of camera technology with extra processing grunt. It is rumored that Xbox One will be coupled with a miniature projector with Benkos technology; this technology is perfect for projecting a game on a coffee table. This technology also facilitates a virtual keyboard.

  5. Xbox One Memory

    Microsoft Xbox One is rumored to contain 8GB of general system memory and separate graphics memory. While Sony PS4 is coming out with 8GB of unified GDDR5 memory which combines system and graphics memory for super-fast gaming.

  6. Xbox One Augmented Reality

    Microsoft has invested a lot into the augmented reality which will work alongside Kinect and Omnitouch. This will allow you to turn your living room into a virtual environment in which characters can appear and turn objects into real world.

  7. Xbox One DirectX 11

    The next gaming console of Xbox will be DirectX 11 capable according to NVIDIA's Matt Ployhar. This essentially means Xbox One will have higher resolution with finer and sharper texture.

  8. Xbox One 3D Sound

    3D sound is becoming a reality with many gaming console and Xbox One is no exception. Microsoft is intending to use a rack of 16 speakers working together to project sound over a small area coupled with Kinect head tracking. Headphones will be a thing of the past as the speakers will be able to project sound only you can hear.

  9. Xbox One Blue-Ray and DVD Features

    It is highly clear that Xbox One will be packing the Blue-ray drive; this is in line with the fact that Blue-ray DVR can hold vastly more data than DVD's. A standard BD can hold up to 5OGB of data as compared to Xbox 360 dual layer DVD's which can only hold between 8 and 9GB.

  10. Xbox Live 3.0

    A new version of Live 3.0 is in the offing with better support of social networking as well as free to play or subscription based games. Skype is another most talked about feature that will likely feature in Xbox One. This will act as Xbox One default communication platform.

  11. Xbox Cloud Gaming onLive

    A leaked document on the features and specs of Xbox One also shows Microsoft plan with cloud gaming Onlive. With minimal lag, Onlive allows players stream games online for a monthly fee.

  12. Xbox One Games

    People at some Video Game Development Studio are already playing Xbox One and using Xbox One SDK for next generation game development. For example, a recent job advertisement from Lionhead Studio, looks for developers with a skill-set in DirectX 11, a platform used only with Xbox One. Therefore, one should not be surprised to see all the big game franchise available on Xbox One and Sony Playstation 4, the next generation video game consoles, right from their launching. It 's because they have already put their developer working on developing these games for the new consoles.
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