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iTechWhiz (Feb 08, 2011) - Search Engines are increasingly joining hands to support robot.txt and sitemap.xml programs protocol. These protocols are also greatly useful from SEO point of view for their promising ability to get a website index into Search Engines effectively and robustly.

If you is facing problem to with your blog or Website Search Engine Submission, try this new window of opportunity to make sure Search Engine index your contents. Submitting the Sitemap of a Website or blog to these search engines will enable them to crawl your website, index its pages and display their contents into search results.

Needless to say, having all the pages indexed will essentially avail your contents to more internet users and improve your site's page rank. However, only a few major serach engines support these protocols at the moment.
  1. Turn RSS/Atom Feed on your blog or website

  2. Your bloggers blog sitemap should be:

  3. Register and submit your sitemap to Google at:

  4. Submit your sitemap URL to Google, Yahoo, MSN, Ask and MoreOver at:

Or you can do this all by manual browser hits one by one, replacing your website or blog url at the end of query string highlighted below:

After submitting you sitemap to search engines, its might be useful to ping them once to them know their is something new on your website needs to be crawled and indexed. You can you the following free services to ping search engines for your blog or website:

However, beware that excessive pings offend Search Engines. Therefore ping search Engines once in 24 hours, otherwise they may take you as bad boy and may put your website or blog address into blacklist. Explicit pings are useful for new baby blogs already not indexed or in sandbox.

Some SEO expert even believe that explicit pings periodically drop your Google search index. They believe for indexed and established websites or blogs it is not more harmful rather useful. As Google Search Algorithm considers ping requests as indication of something gone bad at your website and places the website in sandbox pending the reindexing process that can easily take over a week to complete.
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