My iPad/iPhone won’t Turn On after Update - How to Fix

Like me, if you’re staring at a black screen on your iPhone and don’t know that what to do because it won’t turn on, be sure that you are not alone. Many of us have gone through this problem but many could avoid this situation with the help of below-given information. The solution for this problem can either be really simple or somewhat complex, depending on what’s really going on with your iPhone.

First of all, you have to determine, whether it’s due to a software problem or some hardware problem is preventing your iPhone from turning on. It is well known that iPhone’s software is the easiest to troubleshoot, so that’s where one should start. If that doesn’t solve the problem, then there is something wrong with hardware that can cause the problem. So if its software issue then try a hard reset. To perform a hard reset, press and hold the power button and the Home button at the same time, for at least 20 seconds. By doing so, the Apple logo will appear on the screen. If it appears then actually your phone was on the whole time. It was only software crash so it’s displaying a black screen and not responding.

By charging your iPhone with another cable and another charger may also help. Sometimes it happens that even if your friend’s iPhone charges with the same cable and wall charger, it’s possible that your iPhone will not. Another way that can help is to plug your iPhone into your computer and open iTunes. If it recognizes your phone, back up your iPhone right away. If your iPhone doesn’t show up in iTunes, try doing a hard reset while your iPhone is connected to your computer. If iTunes says you need to restore your iPhone, do it. Continue reading and you will find detail information about all possible solutions.

My iPad/iPhone won’t Turn On after Update - How to Fix

How to Fix when iPad/iPhone won't Turn On after Update

If your Apple iPhone has a black screen and won’t start up at all, try to fix the problem by doing simple steps given below.
  1. Recharge iPad may help

    It happens quite frequent that the display is blank but when you plug it in and wait a while, then you can see the battery icon. I don’t need to mention that if you see the red empty battery icon, you have to put it on recharge as your iPhone may not be able to work at all until there is a minimum charge of the battery. If the red ‘filler’ of the battery icon flash three times and then the screen goes black, it means that iPhone is not receiving power to charge. It is important to know that the always put iPhone into a high-powered USB source such as the mains charger or one of the main USB ports on a computer that is plugged in.

  2. Reset iPad/iPhone

    To restart/ reset your iPhone, you have to press and keep holding down the power button on the top of the handset until the red slider appears on the screen. If it doesn’t help then do exactly what I have mentioned above, yes, press and hold the power button and the Home button simultaneously for at least 10 seconds. If the red slider appears or the screen dims, keep pressing the two buttons until the Apple logo appears.

  3. Restore iPad/iPhone

    If restart doesn’t work, then you will need to perform a full backup. Why backup? because you are going to restore your iPhone, which will erase your data from the phone. You can do it if you have the latest version of iTunes. So now connect your iPhone to your laptop and select it when it appears under Devices in iTunes. Do Sync to make sure all your contacts, photos, and videos are up to date. Now click Restore. You have to wait a while until your iPhone completes the restore process and resets to the Home screen.

  4. Check for Physical Or Liquid Damage

    The above-mentioned methods might help if your iPhone has software issues but what if your phone has some hardware problem. So try to do all that I have mentioned above, but if all fails then go for some hardware solutions. It may be liquid or water damaged. Drops and spills can cause damage that stops iPhones from turning on. Or it can be a physical damage. A visual inspection of the outside of your iPhone may reveal something, check if there is any damage?

    If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch won't turn on and there is minor damage to the device, Apple may ignore it and replace your iPhone under warranty. But before returning to Apple, please check their Support page with help for the iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch which is not turning on.

  5. Fix Brickked iPad/iPhone

    If you think that your iPad/iPhone is completl;y bricked you can watch this video on how to fix and iPad which is bricked:

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